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Anonymous: Will you tell us about your OCs? They look very interesting o 3o

let me tell you about how big of a nerd i am

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Post-Otakon Wrapup

Hey everyone!!! I just got back home from Otakon and took my nap and i’m super tired still but it was super great! A BIG thank you to everyone who came to frickerdoodle's and my table this weekend! And thank you to everyone who bought something or said hi or even just talked for a little while!

I’m going to start working on making a storefont soon so i can sell buttons and prints because i know there’s quite a few people who are interested in buying posters and stuff. 

Again, thank you to everyone who came by and hung out and chatted and helped out! 

bu7ters: Hey sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you are selling your prints anywhere besides otacon? I really want to buy some if them but sadly I wasn't able to attend otacon. Thanks!

I haven’t set anything up yet but I’m going to set up a shopfront to sell things soon! I need a few days to even get back to normal after a con, though. Thanks for the interest!

Anonymous: Hi! You're art is amazing and I love everything you make with all my heart. I just want to know what you use to make your art. A tablet and computer program, I assume. But I've been drawing and I want to get a more advanced way to make digital art. So I was wondering what you used. Thanks so much!

thank you! I use a wacom tablet (intuos4) and i use photoshop for the most part.

To be honest, to learn to use photoshop i took a lot of classes and i looked at a lot of tutorials. i’ve been using this program for like years so i kind of grew up on it

just find a lot of tutorials and that will help you with whatever program you use. Practice with whatever program you’re able to get, and it’ll help.

Anonymous: Hi!!!! You are like... my favourite artist on tumblr, my friend and I love your Kyndy art ahh but I wasn't sure if you are taking requests...? If I overlooked that I'm sorry, but if you are it would be really cool if you could draw some kyutters (kyle x butters) because there is not enough art for my ship >u<

there is ONE drawing i did of that but it’s pretty easy to overlook because it’s pretty faint and it’s marjorine instead of just plain butters (here)

i don’t have a passion for that ship but maybe i’ll try to draw it while on the plane today since it’s pretty cute anyway. I have a few other requests for characters though, too, but I’ve got 3 hours.

ALSO THANK YOU i didn’t even like respond to the first part of that ask hahaha. thank you so much wow.