「big loser」
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Anonymous: will u give us a hint to who the mom is so we have something to look forward to until the next update!? *pretty pretty pleAse?*

nope, sorry dude

Anonymous: Could you share who the mother was in the daddy kyle fic, and what the situation with her was? I was rereading it a little bit ago and was wondering. I love the fic, your writing and art is my very favorite!!

hMMMM. I think I want to sit on that secret a little longer. I do want to revisit the story, but revamp it. I could definitely do a lot better. I’m glad you have enjoyed it, though. =) if I ever decide to just completely drop the fic, I’ll post it online somewhere.

Anonymous: Hey it's the side profile anon! Thank you so much it really helped!

no problem! I’m glad it helped. :^)

Anonymous: Can you give advice on how to draw side profiles? (If it's alright!)

this is just the way i do side profiles, but i did a really quick generic head side shot to show how I work, since I think the only way to really give advice is to show how i do it.


1. start with a circle. i always start with a circle.

2. i draw a guide line to show the front of the face and the approximate location of the eye. that horizontal line shows the general direction of the eyes. Normally, you’d curve it to guide your drawing to be more dimensional, but I have definitely become pretty lazy with how i do my guidelines as time has passed.

3. add more guides. here’s a jaw, neck and some of the back of the head.

4. i’ve gotten pretty lazy with knowing how i draw, so i just kind of know where i put noses and the curve of the nose and the eye placement. none of this is really all that accurate to anatomy, but this is just the point where I put features on. I also do fix what i know is off (the back of the head is usually too flat when i draw it), and get it ready for lining. But I did draw a crude sketch to kind of show what kind of guidelines you can draw for these features. 

5. a guide to where the nose and eyes and mouth kind of just end up. go into as much or little detail as you want. notice how the top of the eye lines up with the top of the ear, and the bottom of the nose lines up with the bottom of the ear. The eyebrow and eye usually line up on the same vertical line, and the mouth at a resting state is usually on the same vertical line as the eyebrow and eye.  

6. expanding on detail

7. here’s another side view, but tilting the angle. you can see how the horizontal line is used here to do a different angle face.

a lot of this comes with practice and observation. Draw from life and just keep practicing. do a whole page of side profiles. do a page of realistic side profiles, do a page of cartoon profiles. draw them until you’re sure that you have improved, then draw some more.

this is just how i do things, and i’m not trying to teach you how to be good at anatomy here (the way i draw is so off of realism that it’s laughable), but hopefully this helped a little bit with side profiles.

Anonymous: I absolutely love your style, you're so great at drawing facial expressions. I really see characters personalities shine through them and it's inspiring, I've been working on expressions and I hope I get at least somewhat close to how amazing you are at them :)

oh wow, thank you!

I guess if I can offer any advice, it’s to observe how different artists draw expressions. It might sound odd, but manga was actually a really good inspiration for that. Rumiko Takahashi was one of my biggest inspirations when I started drawing, and her manga (Ranma 1/2 is my favorite, but I loved Inuyasha too) is a really good source of inspiration for facial expressions. She’s very good at doing expressive characters with just a few lines.

good luck, and thank you for the message