「big loser」
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Anonymous: The lyrics you just posted-does that mean you like Panic!at the Disco?? (Beautiful, beautiful art, by the way)

i absolutely love panic at the disco. they’re one of my favorite bands.

(also, thank you very much!!)

Anonymous: You mentioned earlier that you would be willing to divulge more about Toivo's background as far as his family/home life etc. so could we please hear more about that if you don't mind terribly??? He is just such a darling cutie baby and i want to snuggle him forever after reading about his relationship with Vivianne.

yeah sure! Uhhhh You will have to ask about specifics more, since it’s kind of hard to just think of some of this stuff off the top of my head, but I’ll give you what I know/remember under the cut

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Anonymous: Ur art is still so inspiring like u updated today and immediately I recognized it as yours and wow it made me want to pull out my tablet and draw. I needed this today.

oh wow, thank you……. that’s really flattering gosh…

keep drawing!! keep up the good work. But don’t burn yourself out and make sure you’re enjoying yourself while you’re doing it. don’t stress too much!!