「big loser」
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Anonymous: Hi do you like bunny?

its ok. i don’t have any particular strong feelings towards it but it can be cute

i just got two requests so I thought I’d just put this out here: I am pretty busy these days. I might go through what i have sometime and see what requests I actually want to draw but don’t expect anything.

Anonymous: What about Stendy? How do you feel about them?

stendy is alright. It doesnt really do anything for me, but it can be cute.

gods-little-girl77: Hi I see you like style do you like any other couples like creek or dip?

i don’t like pip at all and creek isn’t really that interesting to me. craig is fun to draw though. i like wendy and kyle, which is kind of weird but whatever.

Anonymous: At the risk of sounding creepy, I think about Toivo a lot lately. He's a good character. Congratulations on your brain. And Toivo. And all of your OCs, really.

thank you……….. omg……..

no thats!!! really cool i’m really glad. and excited!!! wow. I’m so happy you’re interested! please don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you have any, i’d love to talk just because i’m a huge dork about this.

Anonymous: Your a good person and I hope you have a nice day

thank you!!! that’s very sweet…. U mU

mynameiskodak: He'd probably be more scar tissue than skin

most likely, but it can be argued that since he regenerates, his skin is completely clean, so there’s that too

mynameiskodak: Wouldn't Kenny have those hella rad lightning scars from that rainforest episode?

do you know how many scars he has that i didn’t put on there???

at least like 10. there are way too many to count for kenny. I also didn’t put several limb-removal scars or any decapitation scars so